Our vision is to bring enlightenment and understanding to people around us. To enable them grasp the potential of the sub-conscious mind, to prepare their spirits for transformation and help them lead a happy fulfilling life here on earth. Our organization is committed to providing empowerment for the present in the hope that the future will be better for mankind and society and to improve all aspects of living on earth.

Our divine healing Centre is inspired by Dr. Sri Sri Chandrahaman Guruji who gives Motivation & Healing Courses so that people can live happy and content lives and be able to realize the potential of their inner consciousness, to harness that power and utilize is to attain their aims and objectives, their dreams, the secret of mind communication, and the manifestation of an iron-clad will.

Some of the services we offer include:

Past Life Regressive Therapy

This is a therapeutic procedure that is able to cleanse karma, revitalize energy levels, and boost relationships, whole freeing you from psychosomatic issues, aiding personal development.

Inside every individual lies a residue of former events which took place in our previous lives and other past experiences. Little ailments such as a migraine, pain in the back, paranoia and phobia may be a reoccurrence from a previous life. As the soul continues to return in different forms and in different bodies, we find it hard to explain these experiences. It makes our life difficult causing us to lead lives without peace, rest or harmony.

This regression therapy enables us to peer deep beyond the chaos and confusion of the past and sets about an alignment of these lives with our present. It allows us to resolve the conflicts of this life and lead happier, satisfying lives. To find out more about this therapy see here.

Psycho-Spiritual Therapy

This is an extremely effective therapy which is designed to foster powerful and positive changes to all aspects of your being including making you healthier, wealthier, and successful in all your endeavors. It utilizes the use of hypnotism to take control of the conscious mind while analyzing the subconscious. Some of the benefits of this therapy include:

  • Discovering points of negativity in our subconscious that are responsible for shaping the activities in our present including the actions that we take and the words we speak.

  • Gaining in-depth knowledge into the current issues plaguing us including past difficulties and how to unlock our true potential.

  • Reduce stress and ensures we do not worry as much as we used to.

  • Fashioning out a new system of beliefs and ideas which are in consonants with our true potential.

  • Boosts creativity, and process of thought whole ensuring there is clarity and purpose in every action we take.

  • Fosters healthy relationships as well as the healing of mind, body and spirit.

We have many other healing services we offer as well as spiritual guidance. To find out more about Guruji, please see here.