We have different prayers which can be used to help you find peace, wealth, harmony, or enlightenment. Our prayers will help you no matter your problem or needs. Some of the prayers we give are:

  • Marriage Prospect

We understand marriages are supposed to be made in heaven and are an event which puts you on the next stage of life. This is why it is very important to have prayers for a good marriage especially when it is about time to get married. We will not only undertake prayers for you or your loved ones, we will go further to find out your Vedic charts which is done using the planetary comparisons of both partners and offers insight as to know whether or not they will be a good match that can live in harmony and bring joy to each other. If you are ready to tie the knot with that special one, do not waste further time.

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  • Career Prayers

Careers are important in the life of a young professional just starting out. It is also important where you are moving to another country and would like to know if you are going to be successful. With us, we can give you the perfect prayers which will ensure you find favor from your bosses and superiors. Our prayers will also ensure you steer clear from trouble. Guruji will also help you predict your career events for duration of one year while giving you spiritual help to achieve your career dreams. Career prayers help you make the right decisions in your career at the right time. Do not hesitate as that could prove costly. Contact Guruji and request for your career prayers here.

  • Health Prayers

There is nothing more important to a man than his health. Health is wealth and can be the best gift a man can enjoy in this life. We can give you the right prayers to make sure you are always healthy in your body and your mind. We will also make use of medical astrology to look at possible ailments that could afflict you in a lifetime and how to avoid them. To request for your health prayers please see here.