Guruji is a famous Yogi known throughout the world. He is from a long line of spiritual greats and his family has a prestigious lineage. He is known as authorities in the Vedic Schools of Yoga, Vedanta, and other spiritual procedures and texts. Guruji is a master in the art of the paranormal and looks for ways to bring harmony with the body mind and soul.

When he was born, his mother became the very first guru and spiritual guide in his young life. He was trained in the spiritual arts and with the help of his father, began learning Vedic texts and other spiritual knowledge. Throughout his childhood, Guruji partook actively in sports, farming, yoga, herbal medicines, acupuncture, spiritual discussions, and other activities which could assist the community he lived in.

After staying under his mother's side to learn the basics, Guruji was made to separate from family and go learn under venerable masters who were advanced in the Yogi schools and philosophy as well as other spiritual art forms. As a liver if sport and creativity, Guruji used his talents to represent his nation in different events and was awarded many certificates and prizes.

What is also known is that Guruji is also a master traveler on the spiritual plane and was known to do so at a very tender age. He has learned from some of the best masters of the Himalayas, including venerable yogis and other masters of alternative medicine. In that period, he made his home in Himalayan caves and learning under harsh weather conditions.

Guruji is therefore a quintessential scholar, and a master in the ancient and current schools of Yoga, Astral traveling, and other mystic techniques. He has subsequently been a recipient of a huge collection of awards and other recognitions from different spiritual teachers.

The international community and reputable organizations both at home and abroad have come to appreciate his spiritual illustriousness. He is an ambassador who travels to different cultures and countries to promote the Yogi, Vedic, and mystic techniques to nations across the world.

Some years back, at the Festival of International Yoga, Guruji was announced as the spiritual master for the entire universe and that his spiritual gifts must be used for the benefit of the world. He was thereafter giving the title "Jagatguru" (Universal Master) which showed his standing. Guruji also interacts actively with a lot of NGOs and he helps to create awareness and spur creativity for so many groups. He is a global advisor for Yoga in India and he was a former United Nations Ambassador and the current representative to ECOSOC.

He has been able to perform mantras and other spiritual procedures in places of international repute and acclaim. Guruji can often be seen interacting with politicians in the international scene, as well as highly revered spiritual leaders including bishops, imams, and other monks, and not forgetting diplomats and ambassadors of different countries and other institutions.

Guruji is the head and president of many organizations some of which he established himself and he has been promoting these establishments across the globe. Guruji is also an acclaimed speaker and has spoken in different conferences as well as international events. He has received many awards for his unflinching service and dedication to bring all of humanity one step closer into spiritual enlightenment. He has taught several courses including World Spiritual Yoga, Global Citizenship, Vedic Schools of thought, Sanskrit texts, martial art techniques, healthy and spiritual living, as well as Gender Equality amongst many others.

Guruji is seen as the representative of God on earth and has been the spiritual guide of many spiritual schools teaching people the different techniques of harmonizing the body mind and spirit while making sure they understand the value of true peace. Through this website Guruji gets in touch with the world, and has classes, workshops, and webinars. His mission is to bring man close to spirituality through his teachings.