Are You An Buddhist Enthusiast? Must-have Apps

If you are a Buddhist you most likely is a fan of Mixed Martial Arts. Looking into sharpening your skills in the game? Finding it hard to get a school that offers such lessons near you? Don't fret! There are so many apps that can help you achieve that goal from the comfort of your home. These apps are also great for anyone searching for something to help them keep in shape. From basic movements to the most advanced ones, these mobile apps offer great tips especially for beginners, they are also convenient as you don't have to go out of your way to access them. They include:


This is the official app for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Having this app has loads of advantages from tips on training and being in your best shape, the app has a lot to offer including exclusive videos and breaking news. Streaming games from this app is also possible which means you won't have to miss out on your favorite game. There is also the provision of signing up for UFC fight pass which allows fans to watch exclusive fights live.

MMA Training And Fitness

How about burning a few calories as you also indulge in a game you love. This app is exclusively for training. It has great sparring tips for beginners which are accompanied by audio explanations to ensure everything is done right. If you are looking into burning fat and building strength, this is the app for you. It has a lot of great content for training.

MMA Trainer

This app will improve your skill in delivering and blocking killer punches. Fun fact about this app is that everything is accompanied by videos and it is possible to pace them to your liking to ensure you don't miss a point. Apart from combos provided in the app, it is also possible to create your own combos as you advance in your training. Check out this post to read more about how to learn MMA faster.

MMA Manager

This app is one of the latest trends in the mobile gaming space. Build your own gym, train your fighters and win epic battles with MMA Manager directly in your phone. It's available on both Iphone and Android and everyone can pay for free.

MMA Spartan System Gym Workouts

This one comes with an added advantage - it is packed with great nutritional tips to ensure your body is in good shape even as you put it to work. However, if you aren't ready for intense moves, MMA Spartan System is not the right for you. The app is packed with a lot of intense workouts but these are accompanied with animations to ensure you get everything right. Discipline is key when using this app, it sends frequent reminders to ensure you stick to the schedule.

Fighting Trainer

Professionalism is the keyword in this app, it comes with great designs and content that lives up to its purpose. There are quite a number of fighting moves in the form of videos and you can slow down the videos in case you want to perfect a skill you have been trying out. It features over 90 MMA kicks, punches, takedowns, blocks and combinations.

Go ahead and show off your skills during the next festival. Also, with so many mobile apps offering MMA games, you can invite a few friends over and compete against each other.